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Multi-8" MBE production system Introduced to the market in 2000, the MBE 7000 system is the most advanced production MBE machine in the world and can grow seven 6-inch or four 8-inch wafers per run. This allows a 75% increase in productivity, while keeping the same footprint as previous multi-4 inch units. Major foundries have already ordered several of these new generation machines, satisfying both stringent technical requirements and the need for low operating cost.

Key features include

Tested and proven design
40x8" and 70x6" wafers per cassette load
Ten large-capacity MBE source ports
Fully motorized wafer handling and transfer
Fully automated epi process (Crystal™)
Based on field-proven MBE6000 design
Easy installation and quick start-up
Riber worldwide support.

For full specifications, please contact us

  Multi-1" Multi-2" Multi-3" Multi-4" Multi-6" Multi-8"
CdHgTe Epineat Epineat        
InSb Epineat Epineat        
ZnSe Epineat Epineat        
GaAs Epineat MBE49 MBE49 MBE49 MBE6000 MBE7000
InP Epineat MBE49 MBE49 MBE49 MBE6000  
GaN Epineat Epineat MBE49 MBE49    

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