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The Epineat Series systems are ideal for the small-scale production of MBE-grown materials. These 3x2" machines are the most cost-effective solutions for reproducible fabrication of high-quality layered structures with GaAs- and InP-based ternary and quaternary alloys. Users in a production environment report excellent results (+/- 1% uniformities) and high throughput (600 4-inch wafers per month) through automated process control (Crystal™). The Epineat range includes both modular systems, whose different chambers are connected by a line of transfer modules (32' series), and integrated systems consisting of a maximum of three chambers -- introduction, preparation (storage / outgassing), growth -- (26' and 35' series). The vertical-geometry epi chamber offers the possibility of mounting up to 10 solid cells or gas injectors, and the transfer operations are performed by a fully-motorized wafer handling system.

Gas-source MBE and CBE configurations combining the use of solid sources and/or gas sources are also available. refer to the gas distribution system section for more information.

Key features include

Compact and flexible small-scale production system
Ten MBE source ports with linear shutters
Expandable to multiple chambers (analysis, STM, etc.)
Fully motorized wafer handling and transfer
Fully automated epi process (Crystal™)
Field-proven results and reliability
Easy installation and quick start-up
Riber worldwide support.

For full specifications, please contact us

  Multi-1" Multi-2" Multi-3" Multi-4" Multi-6" Multi-8"
CdHgTe Epineat Epineat        
InSb Epineat Epineat        
ZnSe Epineat Epineat        
GaAs Epineat MBE49 MBE49 MBE49 MBE6000 MBE7000
InP Epineat MBE49 MBE49 MBE49 MBE6000  
GaN Epineat Epineat MBE49 MBE49    

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