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EVA 32

2" / 3" evaporation system

The EVA 32 system has been specially developed for the growth of metal and silicon alloys (i.e. elements sublimating at very high temperatures). The UHV epitaxy chamber is equipped with two electron beam evaporating guns, one of which can be multi-crucible, and can take up to four solid source cells or gas injectors. The beam fluxes produced by the electron guns can be monitored by quartz film devices, by electron emission spectrometers or by a quadrupole, depending on the elements employed.

Introduction of samples is implemented by the use of a R&D transfer chamber. This configuration can integrate any of the 32 series chambers with an introduction chamber and an optional intermediate chamber (each with up to three sample storage positions and one outgassing position). This configuration is not extensible. The intermediate chamber can be fitted with surface analysis equipment and can simultaneously be connected to an AFM-STM chamber.

Key features include

State-of-the-art e-beam evaporation system
Ideal for metal and silicon alloys epi growth.
Accomodates horyzontal substrates up to 3"
Two e-beam gun ports
Four MBE source ports
In-situ characterization capability
Ease of use and maintenance
Clean room assembly and testing
Riber worldwide support.

For full specifications, please contact us

  1" 2" 3" 4"
CdHgTe MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
InSb MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
ZnSe MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
GaAs Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
InP Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
GaN Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
Diamond Compact 21 Compact 21    
Metals Eva 32 Eva 32 Eva 32  
SiGe Eva 32 Eva 32 Eva 32 SIVA 45
SIC Compact 21 Compact 21 Eva 32 SIVA 45

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