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Compact 21 RIBER RIBER Compact 21

2" / 3" MBE research system

The Compact 21 system is the new Riber baseline MBE system. This versatile reactor is a flexible and affordable system with features carefully designed to meet the highest specifications for the research of all compound semiconductor materials. Based on Riber's field-proven "Vertical Reactor" technology, Compact 21 is a 2"/3" integrated system, providing, within a small footprint, all the necessary MBE facilities and state-of-the-art characterization capabilities. Furthermore, because of its ergonomic and modular design, operation and routine maintenance are both extremely easy. Depending on the application (process and substrate size) two epitaxy chamber configurations are available: seven source ports (Compact 21S) or ten source ports (Compact 21T). Eleven source ports available upon request. Introduction of samples is implemented by the use of: (1) loadlock chambers (R&D systems), or (2) modular transfer modules (Modutrac™), enabling the addition of chambers for specific treatments (metallization, sampling, analysis, outgassing, etc.). RIBER Compact 21

Gas-source MBE and CBE configurations combining the use of solid sources and/or gas sources are also available. refer to the gas distribution system section for more information.

Key features include

Excellent "first" MBE system or R&D chamber
Can be used for III-V, II-VI, HgCdTe or Gan epi.
Accomodates horyzontal substrates up to 3"
Six to eleven MBE source ports
Expandable through upgrades and options
In-situ characterization capability
Ease of use and maintenance
Clean room assembly and testing
Riber worldwide support.

For full specifications, please contact us

  1" 2" 3" 4"
CdHgTe MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
InSb MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
ZnSe MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21  
GaAs Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
InP Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
GaN Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21  
Diamond Compact 21 Compact 21    
Metals Eva 32 Eva 32 Eva 32  
SiGe Eva 32 Eva 32 Eva 32 SIVA 45
SIC Compact 21 Compact 21 Eva 32 SIVA 45

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