Standard Cells: Group III and other medium vapor pressure material

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This is the most common kind of MBE source. Radiative heat from a filament surrounding the source crucible induces thermal evaporation and produces a flux of source material towards the substrate. Source temperature (and emitted flux) is regulated by means of a feedback loop between the filament’s external power supply and a thermocouple in contact with the source crucible.
The standard cell is appropriate for low vapor pressure materials (700 to 1200°C).

* One uniform heating zone, robust single filament
* Compatibility with all common power units
* Wide range of crucible capacities
* Double parallel thermocouple
* Compatible with most MBE systems
* Optional integrated / cooling shutter
* Modular design
* Operating temperature range: 700°C - 1400°C

Average power consumption for small and large capacity cells

Innovative single filament

These are general purpose cells, but temperature is not homogeneous within the crucible. Indeed, the temperature can vary strongly (hundreds of degrees) between the bottom and the lip of the crucible ("Cold Lip" effect). Nevertheless, this cell is widely used since it is easily operated and needs only one power unit and PID control system.
ADDON has created a new type of single filament oven for standard effusion cells, which decreases the temperature gradient by preferentially heating the top of the crucible and improving the thermal efficiency. Thus spitting and deposition around the top of the crucible are significantly reduced.

The C Type (W/Re5/26%) is provided (except by special request). All ADDON cells use double parallel T/C at each temperature measurement point. T/C’s are spring loaded for a consistent thermal transfer.

Filament: One uniform filament
Maximum 0perating temperature: 1 400 °C
Maximum outgassing temperature: 1 600 °C
Temperature stability: better than +/- 0.1 °C
Thermocouples: Double type (W Re 5/26%)
Minimum mounting flange: for crucible capacity 25 35 40 58 ccm 35CF / 70mm / 2.75", for crucible capacity 60 70 85 125 150 ccm 63CF / 114 mm / 4.5", higher capacities on request
In-vacuum diameter: Crucible O.D plus 0.2 mm
In-vacuum length 200 to 400 mm. (other on request)
Temperatures / power consumption See curves
Power supply connectors System or ADDON via universal UNIPLUG

Options -Other types of thermocoupl: Integrated cooling circuit, integrated shutter, inserts


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