RF-Plasma Source: Type BF Filament at bottom to minimize creeping  effect

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* Easy to use (DN40CF 70cm system correcting flange)
* Easy to correct
* 13.56 Mhz high brightness plasma
* No leaks PBN RF plasma cavity, no copper pipe, no brazing construction
* Highest atomic species production efficiency on the market
* GaN growth at rates in excess of several µm per hour
* Low gas consumption thanks to its high efficiency

The curves show the atomic N peaks intensity of the plasma source versus RF power for different N2 flow rates, the results are obtained on a high atomic N flux ADDON RF Plasma source fitted for GaN growth. These conditions correspond to GaN growth speed varaying from 0,2 to 1,5 microns/hour. Note the small N2 flow used, thanks to the high efficiency of this unit. The following figure shows the system pressure when pumped by a 100 l /s pump.

The stability of N* peaks reflects the plasma condition stability over very long periods, as are required for Bragg mirror growth
(typically more than 10 hours for thick layers)

This source produces a flux of either Nitrogen or Oxygen atoms by means of DC plasma dissociation of a molecular gas
( N2, O2...)


* Growth of nitrides (GaN, GaAsN, AlN, InN..)
* Nitrogen doping ( Silicon, II-VI materials)
* Hydrogen (III V, Si cleaning; surfactant effect; selective epi)
* Oxidation ( Superconductor thin films, oxides)
* Etching
* Carbon doping ( III-V doping)
* Carbonation ( SiC, diamond like materials)
* As, P, S, Se beams from solids materials.

* Easy to install ( small connecting flange DN40CF, 2" 3/4). UHV design.
* Easy to operate with only a DC power supply.
* Stable and clean atom flux ( from 1014 to 1019 at. /cm2 s) .
* Very small heat dissipation.
* Very small plasma vessel volume permitting a very short evacuation time.
* Two access ports to the plasma volume.

ADDON RF source design

The ADDON source uses a 13.56Mhz high brightness plasma to produce an atomic species beam from a gas (or solid). An innovative RF cavity / coil coupling is used to obtain the highest atomic species production efficiency on the market for an RF plasma. The source design also maintains the cavity at a high temperature to minimise unwanted energetic ion extraction. A novel ZC circuit gives an ease of tuning never achieved before.
The active atoms are injected into the growth chamber through a series of small holes at the RF cavity extremity. The number of holes can be optimised for particular applications. For example a small N atoms flux is easily achieved for GaAsN growths by adding a low flux diaphragm
The resulting flux density permits (for example) the growth of GaN at rates in excess of several µm per hour.

# Port: 38 CF ( 2"), minimum in-vacuum length 250 mm .
# Gas introduction: two miniflanges or VCR.
# Plasma pressure: from 0.2 to 2 torr ,
# Gas flux 0.5 to several cc / min.
# Power supply: 1200 to 2000 Volts x 40 mA.

Model PRF-N-600 RF Plasma source for nitrides growth

* DN40CF (2 3/4" - 70 mm) mounting flange
* 283,5 mm In-vacuum length
* Plasma observation viewport and N2 gas inlet on miniflanges
* Integrated water cooling (approx. 0,6 l / min)
* Manual RF tuning unit with cooling fan and cable (120 or 240 volts)
* Water flow meter and water switch for generator interlock

For Ammonia, Oxygen or Hydrogen use, please specify at order. Source model numbers are following:

Ammonia: PRF-NH-PS600
Oxygen: PRF-OX-PS600
Hydrogen: PRF-HY-PS600

Optional Plasma Monitor for atomic peaks light detection and monitor

* This unit is mounted on the plasma viewport and permits detection and monitoring of the optical emission of the atomic peaks (specify the gas used in the plasma source).
* Mechanical interface
* Detector and filter
* High signal on noise I/V amplifier (10+5 to 10+9) and cables
* Order No SID-PRF

Power supply Controller/Generator

* 600 Watts - 13,56 MHz
* 7 m RF cable
* Order No PS600-PRF

Optional Atomic N beam flux restrictor for GaAsN or doping

* Source end mechanical interface
* Set of 3 diaphragms user replacable
* Order No. RD3-PRF


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