NH3 Delivery Modul:  	Nitrogen gas-source for MBE of GaN

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In spite of recent progress in epitaxial growth, the incorporation of nitrogen in layers remains a challenge for the reproducible production of III-N semiconductor materials (e.g. GaN). As an alternative to the use of nitrogen and plasma sources, NH3-based processes have been set up. Research teams report on pre-cracking of ammonia with Riber high temperature gas injectors which, combined with on-surface cracking provides an excellent N(Hx) source to the epitaxy of nitrides resulting in excellent material quality. This technique is economical, reliable, and highly reproducible.

Responding to the need for a safe and accurate NH3 distribution system, Riber introduced a gas delivery module designed specifically for the control of low flows of electronic-grade ammonia. Combining the advantages of an ultra-high purity (UHP) gas panel with a high temperature valved gas injector, the Riber NH3 module is intended for use in any GaN MBE application. This product enables the user to precisely control the introduction of N and NHx species into a MBE epitaxy chamber. The NH3 delivery module is retrofitable to any MBE system. The NH3 delivery module consists of three assemblies :

* the gas box, including the gas panel (picture)
* the feed line
* the HTI gas injector.



Key features

* Field-proven carbon doping source
* Suitable for use in any MBE system
* Ease of installation and operation
* Compatible with ion pumping system
* High-performance mass flow controller
* Computer interfaceable
* Riber worldwide support.

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