Dopant Effusion Cell: 

Please contact us to find the best suitable model for your needs:

* Low thermal inertia/low volume/uniform beam distribution
* High thermal efficiency (limits outgassing)
* Crucible volume and shape tailored to dopant evaporation
* Optional integrated cooling/shutter
* Compatible with commonly used power units
* Modular design
* Double thermocouple

Responses of a usual (conventional) dopant cell and an ADDON 12 cc dopant cell for a 100°C temperature step


Small and High Capacity Dopant Cell power consumption

Dopant Cell responses at various temperatures (72 cc)

The cells for dopants must match specific requirements different from those for main materials: i.e. low quantities of source materials; evaporation at high temperature and a rapid reaction to a set point variation are often required. It is, therefore, better to use a cell specially designed for this purpose. ADDON presents three cells for dopants corresponding to the three classes of commonly used systems:

* Monosubstrate: diameter 10 to 75 mm: crucible 5 cc (I.D. = 20mm) and 10° tap
* Multisubstrate platen: diameter max. 120 mm: 12 cc (I.D. = 26mm) and 10° tap
* Production Multisubstrate platen: diameter max. 360 mm: 72 cc (I.D. = 51mm) and 13° tap

A low load is installed in these large diameter/large angle crucible cells to give a uniform flux. Furthermore, the combination of this low load with a suitable configuration of heating elements and thermal shielding gives a rapid response to temperature increases. In addition, the shutter position does not influence the temperature within the crucible.

Recommended materials:
This cell for dopants is especially suited for low/medium vapor pressure materials (T = 700 to 1400°C).
For example: Si, Sn, Be, Y, Dy, Er, SnTe, PbTe.

The cell exists in models fully compatible with existing systems manufactured by Varian, VG, Perkin-Elmer, DCA, Anelva and Riber. Other versions are available as an option (please provide us with details of flange size, connecting tube I.D. and in vacuum length).

The C type (W/Re 5/26%) is provided, unless there are special requirements.

Power Units and Temperature Controller:
Most existing power units are compatible. ADDON models are recommended if a new power unit is needed.

5, 12 and 72 cc crucibles are available, depending on the MBE system or application. The size of the crucible is calculated to achieve a uniformity of better than 1 %.


Filament: 1 filament
Maximum 0perating temperature: 1500 °C
Maximum outgassing temperature: 1600 °C
Temperature stability: better than +/- 0.1 °C
Thermocouples: Double C type (W Re 5/26%)
Minimum mounting flange: for crucible capacity 5, 12 ccm 35CF / 70mm / 2.75", for crucible capacity 72 ccm 63CF / 114 mm / 4.5" higher capacities on request
In-vacuum diameter: Crucible O.D plus 0.2 mm
In-vacuum length: 200 to 400 mm. (other on request)
Temperatures / power consumption: See curves
Power supply connectors: System or ADDON via universal UNIPLUG
Options:-Other types of thermocouples, integrated cooling circuit, integrated shutter, inserts

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