Double filament effussioncell DF Series

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Double filament cells allow the temperature gradient over the length of the crucible to be varied, in order to accentuate either a "hot lip" or "cold lip" type behavior. They prevent condensation at the crucible mouth by heating this zone to a higher temperature, e.g. particularly with gallium and indium. Eliminating droplets at the cell orifice significantly reduces morphological defect densities (e.g. oval defects) in Ga- and In-containing materials, while improving the beam flux stability. We highly recommend to use two separate power supply and PID control racks in order to take maximum advantage of the double filament configuration.

* Dual filament design
* Wide range of sizes available (25cc to 17000cc)
* Rugged and reliable for long lifetime
* Compatible with all DC power supplies
* Compatible with any MBE evaporation flange
* Selected high-purity construction materials
* Clean room assembly and testing

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