EpiServe GmbH is the exclusive representative of:

Annealsys RTP/RTA, RTO, spray CVD, MOCVD
in Germany and Austria
Intercovamex Sputtering-, Evaporation-, general PVD-Systems
in Germany, Austria and German part of Switzerland
LayTec Optical in-situ sensors for the MBE and PVD market
in Europe
RIBER MBE systems & MBE effusion cells  & evaporation sources for
the photovoltaic industry, OLED industry and other industrial applications
in Germany, Austria and German part of Switzerland
Plassys Professional Sputtering and Thin Film Deposition Systems
MDC Full range of Vacuum Components, Valves and Magnetrons, UHV chambers

In addition EpiServe has a long experience in supplying specialized products for the MBE market like RHEED oscillation software, all kind of standard or customized parts made of refractory materials like special sample holders, any kind or shape of crucibles for effusion cells plus in house designed periscope solutions for optical in situ measurements and special UHV chambers.


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