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Since 1994, INTERCOVAMEX assembles high vacuum deposition system with only high quality components from world leading companies

Hundreds of scientific papers have been published using INTERCOVAMEX systems such as Sputtering, Thermal Evaporation, Pulsed Laser Deposition and CVD. Configurations are often specially adapted to customers technical and budget needs. Intercovamex distributes also in Latin America, Scientific Instruments for materials characterization as well as a very broad range of high vacuum components. In the Industry, Intercovamex also offers smart solutions to manufacturing processes involving high vacuum such as special pumping systems, vacuum coaters and automated leak detection systems. Intercovamex R&D systems are manufactured in the city of Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos, Mexico where more than 20 research centers are established. This region has the highest number of researcher per inhabitants in all Mexico. Cuernavaca is also known internationally as "the city of eternal spring" where the nature offers beautiful scenarios with tropical vegetation and several volcanoes above 5000 m. Intercovamex also assembles industrial vacuum and leak detection systems near the city of Monterrey, in the north east of Mexico in a very industrial region only 200 km from Texas border. Customers are welcome to visit Intercovamex for discussing their new projects and for trainings.


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