Graphene and Boron Nitride Process solutions  


High graphene quality:  Single and multi-layers

Process capability: Investigation of early stage growth
Synthesis on metallic foils: Cu, Ni…
Single or batch samples
Continuous layer on wafers and foils.

Flexible processing for different applications

Fast growth and turnaround

Copper foil on susceptor

Copper coated silicon wafer


Graphene on CU foil Graphene on CU foil Raman shift

Pressure:  Precise control of the pressure  0.1 Torr to 760 Torr

Temperature: Precise control of the temperature from RT to 1400°C

Thermal profile: fast ramp up rate (>40°C/s) and cooling rate (up to 50°C/s)

Precursor injection: Continuous or Pulsed gas flow injection

Synthesis Growth


Graphene and Boron Nitride Rapid thermal processing equipment solutions


Fast-response heater:  Infrared halogen lamp furnace
Thermal CVD: Single / multi layers for Graphene and hBN
Extended temperature range: Up to 1400C
Proven Processes: Continuous or Pulsed gas flow injection
Fast thermal cycles: Short processes for higher throughput
Rapid thermal processing capability

Advanced Design

Cold-wall chamber technology: Fast cooling capability
Closed-loop infrared wafer temperature control
Accurate temperature control: Fast digital PID controller
Handling of CVD gases : CH4, C2H2, H2, etc.
Substrate holders: Quartz pins and graphite susceptors
Excellent reproducibility



Full PC process control: Real time display & data collection
Easy recipe-editing: Step editor for process recipe
Robust control system: Industrial PLC and TCP/IP com.
System management tools and reports
Integrated safety interlocks


IR lamp furnaces IR lamp furnaces

AS one series AS One series

AS Master series AS Master series

standard recipe full pc control

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