High Temperature Cells: 

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This cell is designed for ease of use with low vapor pressure materials which usually require an electron-gun for evaporation. The necessary temperatures for most vacuum thin film deposition operations can, in fact, be achieved readily through use of a robust resistively heated filament. Because this filament is self-supporting it is also possible to remove insulating material from the hot zone and avoid the problem of contamination due to insulator outgassing during operation.

* Doping of Si and evaporation of metals (Fe, Co, Cr, Ni...) Cu,Dy,Bi, Er,Y,CaF2,BaF2..., for superconductor films
* Ultra High Vacuum design, clean and easy to use
* Temperature of utilization: 500 to 2000°C
* No insulating material within high temperature zone: clean operation A thermocouple controls the temperature of evaporation and replaces the quartz balance.
Doping of Silicon or its metal alloys can also be made with such a cell, using the usual ports of MBE or UHV standard systems, with no additional or cumbersome installation/operation processes.


High Temperature Cell (here with water cooling and shutter options)

Deposition Rate of Vanadium versus TC temperature provided by ADDON High Temperature Cell*.

*(Coutesy of K. Dumenil. Laboratoire de Physique des Materiaux. Universite H. Poincarre Nancy.)



Several types of crucibles can be employed, according to the source material to be evaporated, and the desired application. Two capacities and four different crucible materials are available. The following table outlines the possible reactions between source elements and crucible materials plus the most commonly employed compound and crucible material combinations. Standard crucibles are made of either High Purity Alumina, PBN, Pyrolitic Graphite or Tantalum. Other crucible materials, as well as chemical resistant liners for tungsten crucibles, are also available on request.
These crucibles are available in two capacities: 6 and 12 cc. The geometry allows good homogeneity on 2" and 3" substrates in most MBE or UHV systems.
Crucible selection

Integrated shutter:
An integrated shutter mechanism can be fitted on most of the cells described here.

Integrated cooling circuit:
If necessary a water cooling circuit can be integrated on most if the cells described here.

Crucibles - Inserts - Liners
Other types of crucible materials can be furnished on request. Inserts or liners can also be made according to your specifications. They are generally used inside a W crucible.


Filament: One uniform filament
Maximum 0perating temperature: 1500 to 2 000 °C
Maximum outgassing temperature: 2100 °C
Temperature stability: better than +/- 0.1 °C
Thermocouples: Double type (W Re 5/26%)
Minimum mounting flange: 35CF / 70mm / 2.75"
In-vacuum diameter: 37 mm
In-vacuum length: 200 to 400 mm. (other on request)
Temperatures / power consumption: See curves
Power supply connectors: System or ADDON via universal UNIPLUG
Options: Other types of thermocouples, integrated cooling circuit, integrated shutter

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