Carbon Sublimation Cell: Type BF Filament at bottom to minimize creeping  effect

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A heated Pyrolitic Graphite filament generates a controlled flux of Carbon. Use of this type of doping source gives a hole concentration of between 1018 and 1020/cm3 in GaAs.

Operating principle:
Carbon doping flux is determined by the filament temperature.
The low thermal mass of the filament permits rapid adjustment of the doping levels. The filament emission area gives an excellent lateral uniformity for 2" and 3" substrates.

* Simplicity of operation
* Compatible with existing solid source MBE sytems
* 100% clean UHV construction.
* Non-toxic p doping
* Direct view of the C filament through integrated viewport

Hole concentration

Hole concentration at 300 K in C doped GaAs as a function of the temperature of the Carbon filament


Published results for carbon doped III -V layers

On GaAs p doping up to 3 x 1019 /cm3 . (1)
AlGaAs/GaAs/InGaAs single QW lasers. (2)
GaAs planar barrier diodes. (3)
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