CBr4 Delivery Modul: Carbon source for p-type doping of GaAs materials

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Carbon is a very convenient p-type dopant because of its high achievable hole concentration and its much lower diffusivity than Zn or Be in MBE layers. As an alternative to carbon filament source, high doping levels in GaAs, InGaAs, AlGaAs and InGaAsP can be performed by using carbon tetrabromide (CBr4), without carrier gas (direct evaporation), as carbon source. The efficient incorporation of carbon makes this gas-based doping source compatible with both research and production MBE systems. Hole concentrations of 1x1020 at/cm3 (CBr4 BEP " 1x10-6 Torr) in GaAs and 9x1019 at/cm3 in InGaAs, with no hydrogenation, etching, and long-term memory effects, are reported.

The Riber CBr4 delivery module is intended for use in any MBE application where very accurate and reproducible p-type doping of epitaxial materials is required. Combining the well-known advantages of an ultra-high purity (UHP) gas panel with a real ultraclean UHV gas injector, this product enables the user to precisely control the introduction of very low flow rates of CBr4 (< 5.10-3 sccm) into the MBE chamber. The CBr4 delivery module is retrofitable to any MBE system. The CBr4 delivery module consists of three assemblies :
* the gas box, including the gas panel (picture)
* the 1/2 VCR feed line
* the HTI gas injector.

Key features

* Field-proven carbon doping source
* Suitable for use in any MBE system
* Ease of installation and operation
* Compatible with ion pumping system
* High-performance pressure control system
* Computer interfaceable
* Riber worldwide support.

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