Cold-Lip-Cell: Type BF Filament at bottom to minimize creeping  effect

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Cells with the filament located at the bottom have a steeper temperature gradient between the bottom and the mouth of the crucible, and thus allows maintaining an intentional cold lip. This configuration brings significant advantages in particular for aluminum, which tends to "wet" the PBN crucible and rise along the wall, creating a risk of material overflow and component damaging as well.. The use of a bottom-filament effusion cell enables the aluminum charge capacity to be increased by a factor of four. The large lip of the crucible extends beyond the custom heat shielding cap ensuring that any aluminum which might creep forward will freeze before it can damage the cell.

* Single filament "cold lip" design
* Wide range of crucible sizes available
* Rugged and reliable for long lifetime
* Compatible with all DC power supplies
* Compatible with any MBE evaporation flange
* Selected high-purity construction materials
* Clean room assembly and testing
* Riber worldwide support.

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